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mein bruders gelache ist auch 1A wenn der anfängt heut der nicht auf. und so gings bis nach hause als ich ihn fragte wieso er lacht weil ich ja schon daran nichts komisches finde sagte er "du hast shahrukh khan yavrum genannt" *lacht weiter*x D

hahah ne ich hätte auch gelacht :D
ich liebe das wort ”yarum” besonders wenn es mädels sagen
haha :D hört sich supppperr an so gut wirklich
wäre gern dabei gewesen!

thats what i always say when i see srk ^^ 
ja hast recht, hat ein anderen charm wenn ein mädchen es sagt.

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goes to store to re-buy jthj dvd
little brother with me
I stop at the bollywood section, spot srk dvd

"yavruummm" (means baby in turkish)
brother laughs until we are home about it

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your favourite shahid kapoor movies?
I want to watch few…

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you all can request scenes out of 

  • kank
  • kkkg
  • mnik
  • swades
  • devdas
  • chennai express
  • oso
  • rnbdj
  • kkhh

for this tag: favourite filmy moments

favourite filmy moments
→ my name is khan 1/5
helllo i'm white person u r being very racist to my peaceful ppl, and call all my ppl bad names, this is worse than all the oppressive things white people have done to brown and black people, like how dare u call us names white people oppress people and have the biggest history of oppression and slavery and colonization and appropriation and all the other shit??????? fu :'( white tears

the sarcasm level on this is so high 
that couple people will take it so wrong but it´s too gold not to publish it. 

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"there are only two kinds of people in this world. 
good people who do good deedsand bad people who do bad.
that's the only difference in human beings." 

oh wait wait wait.-
there is actually prove for the anon.. that the majority of western people judging an entire religion by couple idiots.

Do you crave for McDonald's whenever you see Kajol's unibrow?



what on earth is wrong with people today 

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movie illustrations
starring: anushka sharma and shahrukh khan

jyoti (light) in the darkness
those who win hearts can never lose